Coils are an essential part of the HVAC system. They serve as a temperature regulator and ensure optimal performance. You would agree that  HVAC is useless without its ability to regulate its surrounding environment’s temperature. Hence, ensuring your coil is of optimum performance is essential.

In the bustling industry of Florida, one company stands out as a leader in aftermarket HVAC coils: Bethel Products. With a comprehensive offering of custom and standard solutions, Bethel Products is revolutionizing how HVAC systems are maintained and upgraded. Let’s explore why Bethel Products is the number one Florida HVAC coil manufacturer aftermarket HVAC coils.


24-48 Hour Stock Booster Coil Program

Imagine having the ability to ship coils within 24-48 hours after placing an order. Bethel Products has precisely that with their stock booster coil program. Time is often critical in HVAC maintenance, and this program ensures that customers get what they need when needed.


Standard and Customized Coils

Bethel’s standard coils are manufactured with 5/8” copper tube x aluminum fins and galvanized case. They come in either standard flange or slip-and-drive flange configuration. Depending on the application requirements, one (1) row or two (2) row coils are available in common sizes.

For those needing a custom design, our products offer hot water or chilled water booster coils tailored to your specific design requirements. With guaranteed performance using ARI-rated software, they ensure the right coil for every situation.


Easy Ordering Process

The ordering process is streamlined for your convenience. Simply download or print the price sheet on the Booster Coil library page and fill in the quantity for each coil size. Ensure you include all your company details, such as billing address, shipping address, job name, taxable status, and credit card information. Your coils will ship in just a few days! Need Submittals? No Problem!

Submittals can be as easy as clicking the link for each size coil x number of rows. Water coils are sized for standard ARI conditions and are suitable for heating and cooling applications. Special performance calculations can be provided upon request.


Re-Heat Solutions with Refrigerant

Bethel Products has the expertise to custom design the right coil for your application if you want to add Re-Heat using refrigerant. They are truly the heat transfer experts you can trust. This is one reason we are the best Florida HVAC coil manufacturer aftermarket HVAC coils.



Bethel Products, a leading Florida HVAC coil manufacturer aftermarket HVAC coils, offers standard and customized options. With a robust stock booster coil program that ensures rapid delivery and an extensive range of tailored solutions, they have positioned themselves as the go-to source for all HVAC coil needs.

Are you in need of quality aftermarket coils? Visit the Booster Coil Library page today and discover how Bethel Products can bring efficiency and quality to your HVAC system!